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亚博体育会员登录_yabo亚博体育苹果下载_亚博体育app网址 is a world-class smart living and smart building solution provider. Starting out as a manufacturer of lighting components and products, LEEDARSON continued to develop its business in line with the market changes, now including sensors, gateways, smart accessories, apps, cloud platforms and solutions. Today, LEEDARSON can supply the ecosystem of integrated smart home and commercial building solutions that fit our customers and their customer's needs.

In the pursuit of our commitment to quality, we invest heavily in process stability, quality optimization, research and development. Well-resourced R&D teams ensure that all our ...


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    Leedarson is Entering Smart Household Appliance Market


    Since ancient times, people has tried to make life more convenience with wisdom. With the improvement of living standards and the appearance of IoT technology in the recent years, the products and concept of Smart home has been created. In the early

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    Representatives from LEEDARSON and other Zigbee Alliance China Members signed Joint Statement declare their support to the Alliance’s Project CHIP


    Internet of Things (IoT) a global nervous system of networks connecting people, process, data and things. It allows individual devices to communicate with each other without human interaction and it has been used in the newest technology such as auton

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    LEEDARSON Lighting Renamed as LEEDARSON IoT Technology


    Leedarson Lighting Renamed as Leedarson IoT [August 02, 2019, in Xiamen, China] As a world-leading ODM of intelligent lighting products, IoT software and hardware, and system solutions, Leedarson announced today that it has been renamed as Leedarson

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